10 rules for a good housewife that really save money

August 23, 2016

Money disappear quickly. Like and no major spending, and in the wallet the wind blows. We conducted a large survey among women who are keeping a watchful eye on the family budget and now share with you the tips that really work!

Go to a differentiated electricity tariff

In this case, after 23 hours you can run washing machine and dishwasher, slow cooker or oven with timer — electricity rashtivtsi at “night” – a reduced – rate.

Get a scoop for washing powder

In fact, for a normal wash is enough only 1 tablespoon of powder. Pouring the powder into the cell from the package, we always sprinkle with more. Always! Plastic measuring spoon will save you from these troubles and you will notice that powder will suffice for much longer.

Go to the store with my bag

Will tell — anything? Did you know that the packages is the best selling product in retail chains. Total revenue from this product during the year in common trade network is hundreds of millions of rubles. If you look shopping at least 3 times a week, then a month on unnecessary items you spend a tangible amount.

Energy saving lamp

Yes, they are not cheap. But try to move on them and you will notice that they need to change very rarely and the electricity meter runs slower.

The product

Take a cue from the older generation. Products on stock are really very beneficial. Buy in store that may long lie: cereals, canned food, vegetable oil, detergents and hygiene products. How to save on buying products, we wrote in detail, look at the article, there are a lot of useful tips.

Buy large packages of

Toilet paper, washing powder, liquid soap, vegetable oil — great packaging is always profitable little. Buy beautiful soap dispenser in the bathroom and refill from a big bottle, bought at a good price. This is really beneficial!

Connect electronic banking

You will spend a few minutes to download the necessary app on your phone or tablet. Many banks charge lower interest for the payment of the utilities bills, penalties and other remittances, if you do it online.

Sign up on the website free of ads

Many things that you hand out to friends or just ready to throw away can someone come in handy. On Craigslist you can sell old furniture and working equipment, even if you think it is completely outdated. Particularly well “go” on the ad baby clothes, strollers, bicycles, and scooters.

Do blanks

In the season of harvest be sure to make semi-finished products from vegetables and fruits for compotes, soups, sauces. Make your own vegetable mixes for stir-frying, freeze chopped summer tomatoes, greens, mushrooms. And don’t forget about canning! We recently calculated the cost of purchased jars of pickles and jam, and domestic preparations. It turned out that canning house is a very, very profitable!

Collect waste paper

Yes, you can remember the pioneer childhood. This concern, by the way, it is possible to instruct children, who will thus be able to earn pocket money. In the waste paper collection points (see Internet address) for 1 kg of waste paper pay 4.5 rubles. Get a volume box and put it all waste paper. After a month you will see that it is a very impressive volume!

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