10 romantic comedies for girls

August 5, 2016

Love is not only sensuality and passion, but also joy and laughter. Specially for our readers online cinema Tvzavr.ru have prepared a list of romantic comedies over who will laugh all the girls.

About love

Love is always different, unexpected and sometimes doesn’t even look like love. This film shows it in all its forms, telling stories of several couples experiencing romantic feelings. You will see how you can love two cosplayer, Japanese, who came to Moscow in search of Russian bride, graffiti artist, seeking the ideal of beauty… the Main star of the film is always a few stray Renata Litvinova. It brings into the picture a tinge of art house, which makes the film very unusual.

Bet on love

The coast — a successful poker player. He’s rich and in demand among women. However, he’s got a school friend, a klutz named David, who is preparing for the wedding with his girlfriend. On the eve of a ceremony David happens to be driving Kostina car and gets into an accident, sending the luxury car of a friend on the river bottom. And all anything, if not for the ring at $ 12 million. It sank along with the car belonged to the girlfriend of a crime boss who now threatens to destroy the Bones for the loss of jewelry. To save a friend, David goes to Las Vegas. He will have to beat the best poker players and return for recessed ring all the money.

30 dates

Modern girls no longer sit and wait for the Prince on a white horse. They are actively looking for. Dasha pathologically unlucky in personal life: she longs to find love, but that is not all. Almost in desperation, the girl suddenly stumbles upon an unusual technique of finding a partner. It States that within 30 days the heroine needs to go on a date. After this “procedure,” love will immediately find itself. It seemed, what could be easier? However, blind date is dangerous, that you never know who they may meet.

The bartender

One small dud, drunk in a strange bar, can change your whole life. Vadim is a loser. He was not paying attention to girls, beat street thugs, are not allowed in the clubs heavy guards… And he did not dare to object to them. After another unsuccessful day comes in a half-empty bar where weird the bartender gives him a refreshing cocktail. After drinking it, the hero turns into a superhero: girls, clubs, high-paying job — now he has all… is a cocktail effect. And all would be well and good, if not a terrifying side effect, which causes the drink.


Easy Russian Comedy about how a change of scenery can change things for the better. Pauline and Mary are two sisters. Despite the kinship, they are completely different. First — Moscow “Chica” with a prestigious job and a wealthy fiance, the second was a simple country girl with a garden and a boyfriend guy named Bob. Each of them lives its own life and did not complain. However, suddenly resounded with the scandal out. In search of solace, she goes to the village to the sister. But the literally at the same time, on the contrary, went to Moscow. Tired of depressed prices dealers, Masha herself wants to sell their farm products and in the capital to open his shop.

One left

Max is a successful Moscow artist, whose life consists of endless Bohemian and club parties. He is never bored, living to the fullest and changing girls like a glove. However, the hero’s life changes dramatically: the right hand of max stops to listen to him, because now it lives a kind of rebellious, which gradually re-educates the main character, transforming it from a frivolous playboy in this romantic hero.


She always helps everyone with their homework, gives to be attributed to controlling and this is part of the popular high school crowd. However, it appears that her friends take Bianca to parties just to get a better look at her background. On hearing this, she decides to completely change not only your wardrobe but also your behavior, get the most popular guy in school and to outdo all those who thought her a simpleton.

The house of the heart

Rich dad leaves Kate inherited his company, however, provided that a girl will get married and have as many as three children. But Kate doesn’t want to get married, and certainly she has absolutely no time for children. And suitable candidate for the role of the wife can not find. But how, then, to receive a treasured inheritance? You just need to find someone with three children and financial problems! And the heroine finds it: it offers to its driver, Arthur — single father with huge debts to enter into an arranged marriage. But Arthur — Armenian, wedding, even for money, must conform to all the ancient traditions…

Once in Rome

Never get coins from a Roman fountain of love! This can lead to incredible consequences. Took out a few cents, the film’s heroine Beth so fall in love with their owners — awkward and funny the Italians, who are absolutely not cut out to be romantic heroes. The problem is that at the same time the girl falls for another and the guy named Nick. Tall and handsome, he fits the role of a Prince on a white horse. But where is the guarantee that the cause of his feelings not a fountain? Nick will make Beth believe in his love, making it virtually impossible…

Wedding exchange

On that are ready to go girl for revenge former. Even get married to spite him. Sonia is a Russian supermodel that despite the luxurious glam life dreams of a quiet family happiness. However, her boyfriend — Ruslan — popular TV host, who on the contrary thinks only about his career. And even offer the girl in front of many cameras. Deciding to take revenge on a narcissist fiance for such a trick, Sonja marries an ordinary office worker Sasha, who agreed to marry Sonya also to spite his girlfriend. The consequences of such a wedding? Learn by watching a movie.

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