10 most useful apps for parents

July 1, 2016

These mobile apps will help you to be more organized, to better understand their children, will make your life easier and more fun. Read tips from the television channel Fox Life.

Baby Connect

Want to get all the information about the child’s development has always been at hand? Make it in this app: height and weight, medical records, daily routine, habits, kid, and everything else that you once useful. Account you can access with different devices and the data in it can bring everyone who cares for a child.

“Club of young mothers”

Here are collected the most useful information for those who have already had a baby, and for those who are still planning to become parents: you can chat with like-minded people, share tips, store photos and videos.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Easy and effective parental control: this app will help to limit the amount of time that a child spends with a phone or tablet, to protect it from inappropriate websites and applications, as well as, if necessary, to perform search queries. In General, everything is under control.


After installing this app on the gadget, the child uses, all the programs that he runs, will be divided into three categories: games, educational and neutral.

Toca Band

The best way to distract the child for half an hour – a whole selection of fun interactive games. Here you can cook, compose music, draw, play hairdresser and do many more interesting things.

Call MOm

Install this app on your child’s phone and, if necessary, he can dial your number with one tap on the icon.

“Lullaby: sleep”

Great app for those parents whose children don’t like to go to sleep and require an evening of songs. A library lullaby of beautiful melodies and sounds of nature. You can set the timer and the music will stop itself, when the child is asleep.

Family budget

Functional application will allow you to balance your checkbook: all children’s expenses will be under control.

Family Locator

Tracker always helps to know where the child (or other family members), and even monitors the battery level on his phone (if necessary, you can remind you to put your phone for charging).


The most convenient application for storing and processing of children’s and family photos. They are never lost, they are easy to access or to share with loved ones, you can create collages, photo books and photos to print.

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