10 mistakes in makeup that only do Russian women

July 29, 2016

That Russian girls are the most beautiful, we heard time and again. But there is another side to this beauty: our compatriots are often overdoing with makeup, and sometimes cross the line between sexuality and vulgarity. We decided to talk to a professional, makeup artist Maybelline New York Yuri Stolyarova,and find out what the errors in the makeup make only Russians.

Yuri Stolyarov

Official makeup artist Maybelline New York

I have to say: I am sure that those mistakes in the makeup can make not only Russian girls. However, my experience with strangers abroad managed to identify a number of mistakes, which you can easily distinguish a Russian woman from the crowd.

Mother of pearl pencil on the upper and lower eyelids

No European girl is not dare, but our beauties are sure that there is no better way to highlight the eyes than a bright circle them with a pencil.

Colored shadows with lots of mother of pearl. In the morning. A sports suit.

I am in no way saying that colored and shiny shadows is bad. But there is still the concept of evening and daytime makeup; the last time they were very conditional, but still. Only Russian girl going for a walk, put on my makeup like her sport suit, and evening gown. Interestingly, even during vacations and trips of our compatriots find the time to do bright makeup, sometimes it looks weird.

Too thinly plucked eyebrows

Despite the fact that we all talk about fashion on a broad and natural eyebrows, many Russian beauties continue to wield the tweezers. If somewhere in Europe you’ll see a girl with finely plucked eyebrows — you can safely turn to her in Russian.

Too well-drawn eyebrows

At the other extreme. In its quest to achieve the effect of “sable eyebrows” our girls sometimes do not know the steps. In the end, we see two wide black lines on the face.

Not to the point of an arrow, too bred abroad ciliary contour

Aggressive arrows drawn from the heart with craft is another distinctive feature. And no matter what we are talking about the day. French, for example, if you draw an arrow, it’s only for an evening out and only a very subtle, barely noticeable.

Shade matching with the color of eyes

The misconception that the shadows need to be matched to the color of eyes alive in Russia as nowhere else. Blue-eyed girl blue and choose the blue shade, the winner of the green eye palette buy exclusively in shades of green, and so on. In the end, the makeup looks a bit tacky and not making eye of its owner more expressive.

Overly graphic-designed the outer part of the crease. The make-up artists that is called “hoof”

Many of the girls doing makeup on the same pattern: the inner corners of the eyes are bright, and actively obscured. In theory everything is correct, but in practice just looks creepy: outer corner of the eye paint in black, gray and dark blue flowers, completely forgetting about the feather.

Bright peach color with pearl. Cyclamen pearl is also a possible option. To tan, of course!

Lipstick is another story. Peach, fuchsia, hot pink — our girls love to stand out from the crowd, why choose these colors. Definitely with mother of pearl. And if we leather tanned — it’s all sacred!

Very dark concealer

Reveal the secret: concealer need to pick up or tone on tone to the skin, or semitone lighter. But not darker! The Russian, on the contrary, we sin continually dark “decided to try”.

Strongly developed cheekbones characteristic reddish bronzerat

The fashion for contouring of Russia has always been: our girls are constantly trying to achieve the effect of “predatory school. However, for some reason those sunken cheekbones always draws a reddish bronzerat, which makes the complexion not just natural, and even a little painful. Rouge same story, many girls with them regularly over the top, allowing this error when applying makeup.

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