10 Actresses who are incredibly beautiful age

January 31, 2017

These celebrities, it seems, not only not afraid of their age – they feel so comfortable that just become more beautiful every year. No, it’s not the pursuit of the outgoing youth – that’s another story.

Tatyana Drubich

The actress is 56 years – and she seems to have hardly changed since the filming of the film by Sergei Solovyov “AssA”. At least Anna Karenina was fresh and young!

Inna Churikova

Inna Churikova turned 73 years – and if the young actress was considered more typical and far from generally accepted standards of beauty, now it continue to admire the fans.

Marina Zudina

Marina Suginoi 51 years, and its age, it is never concealed, and no active steps to combat it are not taken. Perhaps because under her husband, Oleg Tabakov, thirty years – so what’s next with him will always look young?

Larisa Udovichenko

The actress was 61 years – it is gentle type of appearance is changing so natural and beautiful! However, Larissa does not hide from fans that have resorted to plastic surgery, but the result is quite natural.

Irina Alferova

Actress 65 years – and no fear of age it does not.

Meryl Streep

The actress turns 67 years – she has many incarnations for the different roles that the passport age she have not paid attention to. And wrinkles around the eyes too, by the way, does not hide!

Helen Mirren

She is 71 years old – and no, she is not a grandmother. Actress with Russian roots has become famous in ‘ 61 and there is still a lot of star roles.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve in ‘ 73 – it’s almost impossible to believe. Her beauty is not faded – it just changed a little, and the sight of a young girl turned into look of a woman who knows about me almost all.

Susan Sarandon

The actress 70 years – she is convinced that the fullness of life, loved ones and work is much more than a couple of new wrinkles. And look at this amazing!

Sigourney Weaver

Actress is 67 years old and she’s enjoying herself. By the way, the daughter she gave birth to 41 – but then thought, it’s late. When you live life to the fullest – don’t think about age!

Eugene Golobokova

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